Getting My U.S. Fed interest rates are set at 2.25% to 2.50%.Confirmation of 'no impression' this year To Work

Your U. S. Federal Reserve said Tuesday it will freeze its essential interest rate at the current level of 2. 25 percent to be able to 2. 50 percent as expected.

According to foreign news reports, together with the Associated Press, the U. S. Fed made the remarks through a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, suggesting that at this time there may be only one hike next year, with the prospect in no rate hike this year.

The foreign media analyzed that your trend of monetary policy, which releases or reduces the dollar for the market, has shifted to the pigeons stance, reflecting concerns around a slowdown in the global economy such as China and The eu.

In a dot-plot indicating the interest rate outlook for the possible, the median price was 2. 4 percent this year, down zero. 5 percentage point from the 2. 9 percent forecast made during December. In the end, the outlook for December, which predicted a couple of rate hikes this year, turned to a freeze stance.

The Given also said it will begin a policy to reduce the hall on state bonds worth $30 billion (34 trillion won) to $15 billion (17 trillion won) in May and end it in The month of september.

Reducing assets is a policy to recover the dollar on this market by arranging bonds and mortgage bonds issued by the Fed, and easing them could be effective in lowering U.S. Fed interest rates are set at 2.25% to 2.50%.Confirmation of 'no impression' this year interest rates, so this means that it will release that much more money, according to the particular Fed.

During the global financial 안전놀이터 그래프 crisis, the Fed has been making use of a "quantitative easing" policy at zero interest rates, and has launched a policy to 안전놀이터 그래프안전놀이터 사설배팅 reduce assets to clean up assets that rose to $4. 5 안전놀이터 꽁머니 trillion in 2017. Since October last year, the company has reduced its assets by $50 billion per month, as well as has now reduced the figure to $4 trillion.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell also said the policy of reducing assets would be tested, adding that the balance sheet for asset reduction would be specify at $3. 5 trillion.

Markets had initially observed that the Given could reduce its holdings by up to 2. 5 trillion won.

The Fed also lowered its GDP growth rate to 2. a single percent this year from a 2. 3 percent forecast in January, and revised down its growth rate to 1. 9 percent through 2. 0 percent next year.

The unemployment rate rose to 3. 7 percent from 3. 5 percent this year and to 5. 8 percent from 3. 6 percent next year. The price index chart for personal consumption expenditure, or PCE, was lowered to 1. seven percent from 1. 9 percent this year.

In its economic future, the Fed also predicted that growth in solid economic activity could slow down slowly in the fourth quarter of last year, despite the fact that the strength of the labor market remains.

This is a change from the January outlook to a negative expression that economic activity will continue to rise since the fourth quarter of the 365 days.

The Fed predicted inflation, excluding food and energy, would remain approximately 2 percent, due to a "big drop" in energy prices.

This Fed had raised the benchmark interest rate at the FOMC throughout December last year to between 2. 00 percent and 2. twenty five percent, signaling two rate hikes this year and one rate backpack in 2020, but it swung to a halt in January.

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